Dambulla City in Sri Lanka

Dambulla is a place trove of historical monuments located in Matale district. It is the second largest populated and urbanized city after Matale in the Matale District. Dambulla cave Temple, Pidurangala rock, Minneriya national park, Sigiriya is some of the amazing tourist destinations in Dambulla. Panoramic views from sky high rocks, huge cave paintings & murals make this tour a must-visit place in your itinerary

Top Attractions

Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave temple is also known as the Golden Rock temple one of the world heritage city declared by UNESCO. The cave temple is made with a massive granite outcrop. There have been 22 centuries of sacred pilgrimage to the Dambulla cave temple. The largest complex of cave temples in Sri Lanka can be seen at this historic Buddhist pilgrimage.

Dambulla cave temple has more than 157 magnificent Buddha statues and frescoes in its 5 main caves. The first cave contains a description of the establishment of the Sangha vasa and a 14-meter carved Buddha statue. The second cave contains murals and 50 Buddha statues belonging to the Kandy era and a statue of King Keerthi Sri Rajasingha. The fourth and fifth caves are smaller in size and have been determined to belong to the later period. The statues represent the history of the nation, Buddhism, and all of these statue homes.


Dambulla-city Dambulla Cave Temple Dambulla Cave Temple Dambulla Cave Temple



Ritigala is a world-popular ancient Buddhist monastery and mountain range in Sri Lanka. Ritigala is located 43 km away from the ancient city of Anuradhapura and also 40 km from Dambulla.

Ritigala is both a cultural and historical complex and a nature reserve, home to numerous rare and endemic plant and animal species. Several plants that would normally only be found in the highlands of Sri Lanka can grow here because of the humid climate. The higher elevations of the range are protected as a stringent nature reserve due to its amazing biodiversity. Particularly, Ritigala is renowned for its richness of medicinal plants.

Ritigala Mountain is another attractive viewpoint in this area. Four peaks make up the mountain Ritigala. The mountain is 6.5 kilometers long. In the southern block, Ritigala Kanda is the highest peak. Ritigala is the highest peak in northern Sri Lanka, rising to a height of 766 meters (2,513 feet) above sea level and 600 meters (2,000 feet) above the surrounding plains. The elevation of the Ritigala Mountain is higher than that of Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Mihinthale, which are the other three major tourist destinations.

The ruins of an ancient monastery in Ritigala in Sri Lanka are an example of a place for therapeutical treatments. They include a man-made reservoir, a gorgeously designed pavement, stone bridges, raised platforms and courtyards, and an ancient Ayurvedic hospital.


Ritigala-Sri-Lanka Ritigala-Sri-Lanka Ritigala-Sri-Lanka Ritigala-Sri-Lanka




“Sinhagiri’’ or Sigiriya can be called a tourist destination that should not be forgotten after coming to Dambulla city. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A vast ancient city was centered on Sigiriya Rock. The 200-meter-tall Sigiriya rock is covered in the ruins of ancient temples and structures that were constructed thousands of years ago. Sigiriya is one of the most historically valuable monuments in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya mirror walls, frescoes, and Lion’s paw are all found at the Sigiriya site. The mirror wall is a main attraction in the destination while the fifth-century brick wall was polished to give a mirror image during the reign of King Kassapa. A staircase climbs up Sigiriya Lion Rock, where you can see some of the historic frescoes painted on the cave walls.

Sigiriya-Sri-Lanka Sigiriya-Sri-Lanka Sigiriya-Sri-Lanka Sigiriya-Sri-Lanka


FAQ – Dambulla


1.What are the hotels near Dambulla Cave Temple?

Jetwing Lake, Hotel Tinaya, Sundaras Resort & Spa, Lark Lodge

2. How much is the entrance fee?

For foreigners, the entrance fee to the Dambulla Cave Temple is 1,500 LKR per person.

Prices are half for children ages between 5 and 12 years, and below that, entry is free for kids.

3. When to visit the Dambulla Cave Temples?

The ticket office is open from 7 am to 7 pm and the ticket booth closes at 5 pm.

4. Is there an entrance fee to Ritigala?

Yes. Foreign adult’s ticket fee is Rs.200





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