Riverston is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Sri Lanka. It locates in Central province Matale district, bordering the Knuckles mountain range. The fantastic environment rich with, high biodiversity makes you feel to visit this enchanting place for a second time for sure. Riverston is a famous trekking destination for both local and foreign tourists. The rain and wind mixed climate here at Riverston brings a refresh to your journey.

Route: Matale – About 30km from Matale on the Girandurukotte road, you can reach Riverstone via Rattota.

You Can Visit Little World’s End , Raththinda Ella , Manigala Peak ,Bambarakiri Ella ,Riverston tover , Sera Ella , Thelgamu Oya , and Vedda Peni ella in Riveston


Places to visit in Riverston


Little World's End-Sri-Lanka Raththinda-Ella-Sri-Lanka Manigala-Peak-Sri-Lanka Bambarakiri-Ella-Sri-Lanka


riverston-sri-Lanka Sera Ella-Sri-Lanka Thelgamu-Oya-Sri-Lanka Vedda-Peni-Ella-Sri-Lanka


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