We grow with the Community!


look Lanka is always willing to lend a helping hand to the local community that has contributed to our success.

As a responsible Travel agency in Sri Lanka, the responsibilities associated with our efforts are a main consideration along our journey. Even in our day-to- ay operations, we make an attempt to give back to the community. For example, we employ unemployed persons in the area to assist with basic processing so that we may increase our success steps while also providing  them a chance to improve their lives.

Projects We Have Done

Beyond everyday business operations, the Lak Cinnamon team consistently strives to go above and beyond when it comes to giving back to the community. These are some memorable projects that we have completed successfully over the years.


Corporate Social Responsibility


Giving Essential Goods

We are continually fighting to eliminate poverty in the country. To that end, we are supporting local communities through multimodal projects. We discovered some families who were struggling to meet their basic necessities for a variety of reasons. Our team at Look lanka took action by providing them with essential goods. Our intention was to be a source of strength during their difficult times, and we were able to keep them going until they were ready to handle their lives on their own.

Donation of school bags, school books

We have been helping underprivileged children in Sri Lanka by donating books, educational materials, clothes, toys etc at our personal capacity for an extended period of time. One year we asked our circle of close friends to donate unwanted books, clothes, toys etc to donate to these kids and we had an overwhelming response from everyone.