Goyambokka Beach in Sri Lanka


Goyambokka Beach Goyambokka Beach Goyambokka Beach


Goyambokka is a perfect getaway for beach lovers, locates in eastern-southern coastline, Tangalla. This beach is famous as a touristy beach and one of the most easily accessible beaches of the country. The natural beauty of sea waves makes this place ideal for swimming and diving.


Silent Beach


Silent-Beach-Sri-Lanka Silent-Beach-Sri-Lanka Silent-Beach-Sri-Lanka


Silent beach, also known as Amanwella Beach, is considered as a semi-private beach. If you are looking for quiet beaches in Sri Lanka, this one might top the list. The beach is surrounded by palm trees in all directions adding more color to the beachThe beach locates in front of the luxurious Amanwella resort in Tangalle district of Southern Province.

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