It is the destination full of spectacular views and sceneries in Southern coast Sri Lanka. This area surrounds by beautiful Sri Lankan Beaches and making it ideal place for surfing to whale watching. This stunning crescent beach has gained a huge popularity for tourists travelling to Sri Lanka. Mirissa whale watching is the most anticipated sightseeing. Spend your holidays enjoying fresh sea breeze in your hammock, waters teeming with marine life, eating delicious food from beachside restaurants.

Top Attractions

Whale watching

Mirissa whale watching positions at the top level to experience best marine life around Sri Lanka. The whale watching season starts from month of November to April. You will be able to see variety of whales, dolphins and turtles during this season.



Sri Lanka’s perfect surfing spot. It is famous for its sea waves, which draws the attention of surfers of all skill levels. Beginners can take advantage of the gentle waves off the main beach, while intermediate surfers should go for one of the reef breaks off the headland. The season falls under month of October to March. After burning all the energy, you’ll be able to taste some of the delicious food at the one of the many restaurants and cafes by beachside.

Secret Beach

This place is a small, secluded beach with bay area just around the corner of the town’s main beach, Mirissa beach.  As it name implies this place is no longer much of a secret (and even has its location on google maps!). The distinct thing about this beach is its environment nestled in a cove and bordered by small hills covered in lush green palm trees. This location offer so much of thrill from swimming to snorkeling to just lazing by the beach.

Coconut Tree Hill

One of the most notable and Instagrammable spots in Sri Lanka. The private coconut farm is just a 15-minute walk from Mirissa Beach and offers some of the striking views in the area. Sunset sceneries from a hilltop covered with coconut tress are simply amazing.

Parrot Rock

This rock locates directly on front of Mirissa Beach. It’s a huge red-coloured mound that towers over the water. It’s particularly a fabulous viewpoint to lookout Mirissa skyline filters through green palm trees. You’ll to need to know about the nature of tides as low tide is the safest time to cross over this place since Parrot Rock sits out at sea.  It can be dangerous to cross over during high tide, especially in the monsoon season when the waves will be high.

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01.What is the best time to visit Mirissa?

Sri Lanka has two separate rainy seasons. In the south, the dry season runs from November to March. However, the shoulder months of October and April can have days of great weather too, and accommodation will be lower-priced.

02.What are the best cafes and restutants at Mirissa?

Eating might be one of the top things to do in Mirissa! There are lots of delicious restaurants in and around Mirissa that offer a variety of different cuisines.


03.Where to stay in Mirissa?

Guesthouses and hotels can be find within walking distance to the beach. As with most areas in Sri Lanka, prices are low for accommodation, and you can find beautiful beachside hotels, with views of the ocean.

04.Where to shop in Mirissa?

You can shop and buy Sri Lankan gems at Roosara, swimwear at Lazy Ride, and branded surf equipment at Dylan’s Shop. While shopping stop at Podi Kade, a souvenir shop to taste aromatic local coffee.


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