Hambantota is situated at closest point to the main shipping route Malacca street/Suez Canal that connects East and West. Chinese sun has dawned in Hambantota: a Chinese funded massive new seaport harbor at Hambantota is taking shape to open in November 2010.

A new airport to be compatible with the latest Airbus A380 aircraft is under construction at Hambantota; a new international cricket stadium is sheduled to open with the ICC Cricket World Cup in February 2011at Hambantota; a highway, a railway and a oil refinery will come into existence at Hambantota.

Now to the eco and wild life aspects: a safari park is being designed. Sri Lanka’s first-ever botanical gardens in the dry zone, soon to be the largest in the island, is now being developed at a 300-acre site at Mirijjawila, Hambantota. The Garden is aimed at conserving the massive green patch and bio diversity in the area around Hambantota.Yesteryear Hambantota was a village in the jungle; in the coming year, Hambantota is bound become a miracle of modern development overnight.

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