The name ‘Colombo’, first introduced by the Portuguese in 1505, derived from the classical Sinhala name Kolon thota, meaning “port on the river Kelani”. Colombo City, the capital of Sri Lanka is an extreme, lively and dynamic business city with a populace of 3 million. Colombo, with its seaport and its international airport found 35km north of the core of city, is Sri Lanka’s prime center point of transportation.Some of the most delicious Sri Lankan street food is available in the evenings along Colombo’s coastline known as Galle Face. City dwellers around the Colombo are visited to enjoy outdoor activities like flying kites, taking a walk, playing in the water or eat up delicious street food like isso wade. Normally, Colombo is a busy city. Every people go hustle and bustle everywhere to do their works.

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Must Visit Place In COLOMBO

Galle Face

Galle Face Green in Sri Lanka is a five hectare sea side located in the core of the business capital of the island, Colombo. For the most part on ends of the week the Galle Face Green in Sri Lanka is crowded with day trippers, picnickers and food vendors. If one asks where the best place to flying kites, the answer should be Galle Face Green. Flying kites and isso wade are the popular things in this coastal area.

Gangarama Temple

The Most Visited temple in the city, the Gangaramaya Temple which sorts out Sri Lanka’s biggest and the brightest Vesak celebration every year, has a background marked by 120 years. It was set up in 1885 by Venerable Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Nayaka Thera.

Diyatha Uyana

Diyatha uyana is a great place to relax in Colombo. “Diyawanna oya” adds beauty to the Diyatha uyana and helps to increase the peacefulness around the park. It is a perfect spot for families to go through some quality away from the buzzing about of the city. The Garden which is full of flower shops indicate a colorful paint to all of the visitors who come to jogging or staying relaxed and also it adds the attraction more and more. It has a wide food area included every type of food. It’s no matter whether you like traditional or western, all types are there.

Kelaniya Temple

This is a world-famous temple in Sri Lanka. Which is located near Kelaniya is a historic place, lots of Buddhist peoples come to warships all around the year. If you want to peace full relaxation this is the best place in Colombo, on poyaday there is very busy with local peoples.

Water World

This is the very first underwater aquarium in Sri Lanka. There ware included bird park too. Located on a beautiful 5-acre property on the banks of the Kelani River, Water World is a marine wonderland that is home to a diverse collection of over 500 varieties of fish. This is a high-value place for students and children to learn and study about fish and animals.

The Zoo-Dehiwala

This is the national zoo of Sri Lanka. These are famous local people and foreign visitors. There was loaded little far from Colombo town. The Zoo supports and promotes conservation by educating certain rare and endangered species through proper animal welfare. Dehiwala Zoo has become famous among visitors not only for the collection of local and exotic animals but also for landscaping with lush greeneries. Now, Dehiwala Zoo houses 72 species of Mammals, 65 species of birds, 31 species of Reptiles, 89 species of Fish, 03 families of Amphibians, 30 species of Butterflies, etc. The total number of animals varies from 2500-3000 due to breeding and free-living colonies of birds.

Catamaran Sailing

Luxury sailing experience available in Sri Lanka. Port city and Negambo are the places for this. These two hulls are connected by a bridge deck. Many people will be familiar with Hobie Cats, small catamarans that are popular for sailing on lakes and in calmer waters.


There are various yacht styles, including sailing and motor containers that vary in size from relatively small to superyachts. This includes booking a day trip or even a multi-night trip to explore different reefs and ports. You can relax on deck, enjoy snorkeling off the sides, and explore a selection of anchorage spots. Mirissa and port city are the better place in Sri Lanka.

Kite surfing

Kite surfing is the wind for the ultimate water sports hurry. In this extreme sport, you have a board strapped to your feet, and a large kite strapped to your waist. With experience, you’ll be able to reach incredible speeds and performs tricks such as jumps and flips. For beginners, it’s suggested that you take lessons. These will generally cover flying the kite on the ground, followed by in the water, then getting up and riding the board. Kalpitiya is the most popular place in Sri Lanka for this activity. Also available are kite surfing schools in Sri Lanka. Galle Face Beach is a better place for kite surfing.


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