Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka

Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka Ancient constructions, royal towns, and Buddhist temples that formerly influenced early Sinhalese culture may be found in abundance in Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle. The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka covers a roughly triangular area between three significant ancient Sri Lankan sites. ancient cities the three ancient capitals of the island [...]

Tours by themes

Tours by themes Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination due to its tropical island setting, sunny beaches, diverse natural landscapes, and climates. It is also popular for family tours, honeymoon tours, beach stays, wildlife tours, and adventure tours. Cultural tours, gastronomic tours, Yoga Ayurveda retreats, and sports tours are also popular. Luxury tours, MICE [...]

Archeological sites in Sri Lanka

Wonderful archeological sites in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean, with a history of 2500 years. It has a rich cultural heritage with religious attractions, monasteries, palaces, forts, statues, caves, ancient forts, paintings, and the Holy Hills. It also has bright Forts, railway sidings, lighthouses, highland lakes, bridges, bungalows, [...]

Jeep safari in Sri Lanka

The Jeep safari in Sri Lanka If you are interested in a jeep safari then you must visit Sri Lanka which is an attractive destination that you must visit in your lifetime. Sri Lanka is a small natural paradise in the middle of the waves known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. From a [...]
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