Best Sri Lanka Food You Should Try


Spending time to taste food will be the best part of your visit to Sri Lanka!

Sri Lankan cuisine is rich and filled with flavor from locally-grown spices. Various food options are available, from traditional to seafood to street snacks.


 Traditional Best Sri Lanka Food

Best Sri Lanka food comes from ancient Sinhala traditional culture. We can see an array of traditional Sri Lankan meals ranging from milk rice, sweetmeats, and spicy curries. Many of these dishes are centered on the main rice, rice flour, and coconut, while seafood also plays quite an important part in Sri Lankan cuisine. The curries have immense flavor and colors derived from a Sri Lankan hot spices list. These spices add not only great flavor to the food but also add nutritious value to the dish.

01.Sour Fish Curry (Ambulthiyal)


“Ambulthiyal” is a unique spicy fish preparation rich with flavours. The uniqueness of this dish comes with the way it’s cooked. The dish originates from South of Sri Lanka as a method to preserve fish. The most significant ingredient is dried goraka, a tamarind-like fruit that gives the fish a distinctive tart flavor. All the ingredients are slow-cooked with a small amount of water until the liquid reduces.

02.Kiribath (Milk Rice)


The unerringly symbolic dish that is prepared for any type of celebratory occasion in Sri Lanka.  Kiribath is made with rice and salted coconut milk. Coconut milk is added just before cooling the rice down. It is then cut into thick diamond-shaped slabs and served with lunu miris (a spicy mixture of ground onions, red chillis, lemon juice, salt, and Maldive fish). Kiribath is best Sri Lanka food and very famous food.

03.Dhal Curry (Parippu)


This is one of the most common curries in Sri Lankan cuisine, a staple in any restaurant or household. The dhal, usually masoor dhal which are red lentils, are often cooked in a blend of spices, and then a few spoons of coconut milk are added to create a rich flavor and creamy texture. The dhal curry can be served with many different sides as dipping gravy for bread, roti or paratha. This is a must-try dish for those in particular who love vegetable-based curries.

04.Pol Sambol (Coconut Relish)


This is one of the most popular Sri Lankan dishes that need to be tried. Pol sambal, also called fresh coconut relish, is a simple side dish made with blend of finely grated coconut, red onions, dried whole chili powder, lime juice, salt, and Maldive fish. It goes well with rice and curry, pol roti, paratha, string hoppers, and bread.  This dish can be served in any time for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

05.Polos (Green Jackfruit Curry)


Polos curry is one of the most authentic foods in Sri Lankan cuisine that will delight your tastebuds. Polos is a traditional dish prepared with young green jackfruit. Jackfruit is consumed in several stages of ripeness, from very ripe and sweet to green and starchy. The fruit is sliced into bite-sized chunks and boiled until soft. This dish tastes good when cooked with a good amount of spices together with creamy thick coconut milk.

Best  Street Food

A trip to this warm tropical island is never complete until you sample some of the delicious local cuisine available along the streets of Sri Lanka. It is impossible to stroll through any town, especially in the late evening, without being hit by the aroma of savory goodies frying in fragrant coconut oil. Here we bring some of the holy grail of street food, the absolute top 3 you would not want to miss while searching for food in Sri Lanka.



Kottu or Kottu Roti is one of the most prominent dishes in Sri Lanka. It consists with chopped roti, a meat curry dish of choice, along with scrambled egg, onions, and chillies.Over the years, the simple Kottu has evolved to include more extra additions, such as ‘Cheese Kottu’ and any other meat items. This staple meal in Sri Lanka is as enjoyable to eat as it is to watch being made with the sound of the clanking of metal on metal.

07.Isso Vadei


Sri Lanka’s one of the top scrumptious street eat. Isso Vadei is topped with a whole prawn (or several prawns) that is deep-fried with the Vadei batter and is made with ground lentils, spices, curry leaves, and a lot of green chilies. This snack has heaps of flavor and can be seen on street food stalls with vendors that mostly come out in the evening. The crunch of the video and the smell of the seafood make it the best you’ll ever taste. Isso Vadei is most popular in Colombo and frequently at the Galle Face Green.



Hoppers also known as Appa are much-loved street food in Sri Lanka. Hoppers are best Sri Lanka food,You will easily find hoppers somewhere because they are just served everywhere by both top-class restaurants and any street side food stalls. Hoppers are made in a special bowl-shaped pan. The two most popular types of hoppers are plain hoppers and egg hoppers. The egg hopper then serves as a dipping bowl, where plain hoppers can be dipped in the well-seasoned runny yolk. The hopper has recently served with toppings such as cheese, meats, and dessert hoppers with chocolate sprinkles.