Sri Lanka has been ranked No. 1 in “The best places for solo female travel in 2024” by Timeout

The best places for solo female travel in 2024 Solo female travel is gaining popularity, with over half of Gen Z women expressing interest in exploring foreign lands alone. This surge in independent female travel signifies a growing desire for new connections, diverse cultures, and unforgettable experiences. But where should these adventurous women venture, and […]

5 Sri Lankan Transport Options for Foreigners

Sri Lankan Transport Options for Foreigners : Learn how to navigate the island’s extensive road, rail, and aviation network efficiently. Sri Lanka boasts an extensive road, rail, and aviation transportation network. Within the island, there are both private and public transportation options available. Navigating Sri Lanka is a story best told in two parts. The […]

Discover Sri Lanka’s Top Wildlife Destinations

Sri Lanka has a lot to offer to those who are interested in animals and birds and is a haven for wildlife aficionados. This tropical island is home to some of the best national parks on the subcontinent and is home to an amazing variety of flora and animals. Here is a selection of the […]

Dive into the Ultimate Water Sports Paradise in Sri Lanka

You’ll be enthralled by Sri Lanka’s breathtaking scenery, historic sites, and immaculate beaches. However, if you’re the type of person who is tired of seeing new places and is eager to get out on the water, the nation has some very magnificent things in store for you. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes […]

Sri Lankan Customs , Etiquette and Cultural Insight

Sri Lankan Customs , Etiquette and Cultural Insight : Learn how to dress appropriately, and interact respectfully with locals and religious sites. In Sri Lanka, Buddhism is the predominant religion with over 70% of the population practising it. The remainder of the population is Christian, Muslim, or Hindu. Show monks respect at all times. If […]

Arugam Bay: Beyond the Surf – Unveiling a Tropical Paradise

September is a good time to visit Arugam Bay. The weather is usually very warm with a gentle breeze, with temperatures ranging from 78—87°F (26—31°C). Arugam Bay’s claim to fame lies in its world-class surfing conditions. With consistent waves rolling in from the Indian Ocean, it caters to surfers of all skill levels. From the […]

Discover the flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine : a culinary adventure awaits!

Even though Sri Lankan food is similar to that of South India, it is nevertheless very much its own cuisine. After years of colonization and foreign influence, Sri Lanka has modified its cuisine to include a variety of delectable curries and meals. With accuracy, a few things can be stated regarding Sri Lankan cuisine: Sri […]

Important things to know about the language when visiting Sri Lanka

You don’t have to be an amazing language learner in Tamil or Sinhala to enjoy your vacation in Sri Lanka! You’ll be able to communicate in English. Saying a few things in their language will be greatly appreciated by the Sri Lankan people, though.  Sri Lanka has two official languages: Tamil and Sinhala. While Tamil […]

Sri Lankan Weather

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Sri Lankan weather where sunshine reigns supreme and monsoon winds dance across the tropical island. Sri Lanka’s climate can be classified as tropical due to its location inside the tropics, specifically between 5o 55′ and 9o 51′ North latitude and between 79o 42′ and 81o 53′ East longitude. […]

What to Wear as a Foreigner in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka awaits! Pack smart with our guide: beach chic, temple must-haves, mountain layers & city style. Dress like a pro, avoid faux pas, explore freely! Packing for your trip is the next step after deciding what you want to see and where you want to travel, but it is easier said than done. You […]

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