Top 6 Sri Lanka hotels for beautiful views

Top 6 Sri Lanka hotels For its size, Sri Lanka is astonishingly diverse, home to spectacular beaches, lush hills, dramatic mountains, rich rainforest, dry scrubland and tranquil countryside. Whichever setting charms your soul the most, we have selected the best accommodation options for enjoying the view. Top 6 Sri Lanka hotels room with a view Living [...]

Sri Lanka holiday for families

How to plan Sri Lanka holiday for families with young children  Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination for a family holiday, but we know that travelling with young children can be daunting – especially if you are heading to an unfamiliar country.When it comes to holidays with young children, there are so many points to [...]

A guide to planning Sri Lanka holidays for relaxation

Sri Lanka holidays for relaxation After an unsettled and uncertain two years, all of us are feeling the strain and seeking ways to reduce our stress. Take time to totally unwind with a Sri Lanka holiday dedicated to relaxation, whatever that means for you. Get back to nature, loll on an enchanting beach, or retreat [...]


Sri Lanka is a year-round destination. There isn’t a perfect period to visit because each side of the island has its own “best time to visit.” which means the sun will always be shining somewhere! The dry seasons by month and destination are: North – May to September Center – January to April South – December – March […]

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