Nelligala Buddhist temple

Nelligala Buddhist temple

A historical and cultural landmark is the Nelligala Buddhist Temple, which is situated in Muruthalawa village in the Kandy region. The temple, which was built in 2015, offers breathtaking views of the area’s topography, including the Hanathana Mountain Range, Alagalla Mountain, and Batalegala. It holds the Buddha Pooja, a special offering including Sri Lankan traditional drummers and flute music, as well as other holy relics of the Lord Buddha.

The temple is a well-liked site for tourists and visitors of various faiths due to its stunning architectural elements, which include the golden Stupa, Mahayana Buddha images, and a Bo Tree in a golden bowl. With a travel time of about 26 minutes, Kandy is only 12.3 kilometers from the Nelligala International Buddhist Center.

Best time to visit the Nelligala Buddhist temple

Visit Nelligala Temple during chilly monsoon winds and foggy skies between October and January, or between February and May for rainy seasons. Enjoy 360-degree views from the summit and enjoy sunset views in the evening.

Importance of the Nelligala Buddhist temple

After six years of labor, the Nelligala Sanctuary was founded in 2014 and is a sacred spot in a mountain range that protects a scrub forest. It has golden sculptures, a bowl designated for the Bodhisattva, and a golden stupa that is 70 feet tall and fashioned like a bubble. Upon entering the Nelligala International Buddhist Center, one is greeted by a reverent environment. A must-visit temple is the Sri Sumana Saman deity statue, which was newly erected in Sabaragamuwa. From Samantha Girihasa’s summit, visitors can worship Lord Sumana Saman.

Know before visiting the temple

  • The Nelligala Temple is a place of worship where suitable clothing is advised for both men and women.
  • Light-colored clothing is recommended for shoulders, waist, hips, and knees, and caps should be removed.
  • No advanced booking is required, and no entry fee is required.
  • visitors are encouraged to maintain silence and respect.
  • The Nelligala International Buddhist Center is available for weddings upon advanced reservation.

Top attractions in Nelligala temple

Main shrine

Main shrine in nelligala temple

Gold-colored Buddha statues at Nelligala temple create a unique and picturesque sight with the blue sky, leading to the main shrine. The main shrine is the most important place in the temple. This main shrine offers a peaceful atmosphere with a Buddhist aura, providing a spiritual space for meditation and relaxation. It soothes the mind, heart, and soul.

Sacred Bodhi Tree

Sacred Bodhi Tree

Golden bowl at Nelligala Temple houses a sacred Bodhi tree, adorned with Lord Buddha statues and golden bowls, promoting mental relaxation.

God Sumana Saman statue

God Sumana Saman statue

The statue of God Saumana Saman completed in 2020,is a stunning addition to the temple. Located on protruded balcony overlooking the valley, it symbolizes a white elephant coming down from the sky. Buddhist believe God Sumana Saman lives in Sri Pada Mountain, and the view is particularly stunning in the evening after illumination.

Golden stupa

golden stupa

The Sri Shakyasinghe Maha Seya, a golden stupa in Nelligala Temple, offers an extraordinary view and is unique to Sri Lanka. Its bright appearance resembles those found in Thailand. you can witness the stupa glittering in the sun, creating beautiful scenery at the Nelligala mountaintop. The golden stupa glows with golden rays of sunlight in the evening. Paintings surround relics, with Buddha statues and a Bodhi temple on the right side.

Three large Buddhist flags

Three large Buddhist flags

The Nelligala temple boasts three large Buddhist flags hoisted on a rock. A stone staircase leads to a spiritual retreat, featuring a pond with a Buddha statue and a modern dining hall. The top of the hill offers a breathtaking panoramic view, surrounded by hills, green tea plantations, and lush forests.

Q & A

01.What festivals are celebrated in Nelligala temple

Nelligala International Buddhist Center hosts annual festivals, including Vesak celebrations, commemorating Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and passing, offering visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in Sri Lankan Buddhist traditions.

02.Are there any entrance fees to visit the Nelligala International Buddhist Center?

The center does not charge any entrance fees

03.Are there any specific dress code requirements for visiting the Centre?

Dress modestly and respectfully for a sacred center visit, without strict dress code requirements.