Sri Lanka has been ranked No. 1 in “The best places for solo female travel in 2024” by TimeoutThe best places for solo female travel in 2024

Solo female travel is gaining popularity, with over half of Gen Z women expressing interest in exploring foreign lands alone. This surge in independent female travel signifies a growing desire for new connections, diverse cultures, and unforgettable experiences. But where should these adventurous women venture, and what should they keep in mind?

Certain countries stand out as safe and welcoming destinations for solo female travelers. These places offer well-established backpacker trails, hospitable locals, and opportunities to forge new friendships or relish solitary adventures. Here are nine top destinations for solo female travelers, along with essential tips for ensuring safety throughout the journey.

The best destinations for solo female travel

1. Sri Lanka
2. Portugal
3. Czechia
4. Japan
5. Guatemala
6. Vietnam
7. Australia
8. Greece
9. New Zealand