White water rafting in Sri Lanka

White water rafting in Sri Lanka

Whitewater rafting is a strenuous pastime that calls for ordinary physical fitness and a resilient mindset. It is often enjoyed in rapids and other choppy waterways, giving water sports aficionados an exciting experience. However, those with heart ailments, epilepsy, or discomfort in turbulent waters are not advised to go whitewater rafting.

Sri Lanka, whitewater rafting is a well-liked and exhilarating water activity, especially on the Kelani River, which begins at Kitulgala. The region around Kithulgala, formerly famous for its beautiful scenery and lush landscape is today famous for its exhilarating wildlife. There are several businesses offering rafting excursions on the Kelani River. The journey takes longer because of the stops made to investigate rock pools and forest pathways.

Some of Sri Lanka’s rivers offer opportunities for recreational activists and water sport enthusiasts to enjoy whitewater rafting, with Kitulgala being the most famous place in the country.


Kitulgala, a charming town in Sri Lanka, is the main hub for white water rafting due to its access to the Kelani River. Adventure groups and hotels offer whitewater rafting excursions, providing safety gear, sturdy rafts, and trained instructors.The town is located about 80 kilometers from Colombo on the A7 main road to Nuwara Eliya via Avissawella.

Kitulgala is located in the foothills of the central highlands. It is known for its green hills and tropical vegetation, and its name is derived from the Kitul palm tree. Kitulgala is situated in the wet zone rain forest, known for its white-water rafting adventures and being one of the wettest places in the county. The town is surrounded by wooded hills and has been cleaved into two halves by the Kelani River. Other than that Kitulgala is popular for sports like confidence jump, water abseiling, and jungle trekking can be done few hours.

White water rafting in kithulgala
White water rafting in kithulgala

The weather in Kitulgala

Kitulgala is the ultimate adventure destination in Sri Lanka. Kitulgala is located in the wet zone of western Sri Lanka, receiving nearly 5000mm of rainfall per year. Kitulgala is surrounded by evergreen lowland rainforests and the average temperature is between 27- 32 degrees Celsius

Best time for white water rafting at Kitulgala

The most popular months for white water rafting at Kitulgala are May through December. The river may become unstable with heavy rain, making it dangerous. However, during wet seasons, water levels can immediately drop.

White water rafting in Sri Lanka Rivers

In Sri Lanka, especially in Kithulgala, a small town noted for its daring attitude, white water rafting is a well-liked pastime. The rivers of Kithulgala are known for their rapids and whitewater. Regardless of their swimming ability, participants are given flotation equipment.

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  • Sitawaka River Rafting

White water rafting equipment

Helmets are necessary for white water rafting in order to reduce the impact energy and avoid head injuries. Paddles, which are comprised of an aluminum shaft, a sturdy plastic blade, and coasting, is crucial for propelling the raft downriver. Throw lines are helpful in situations when the boat is out of reach since they are made for distance. The individual throws the floating bag at the end of the throw line to serve as a flotation device. It is possible to retain a swimmer against a stream with the aid of a nearby tree or rescuer.

What to wear and bring for white water rafting

  • Dress for the water: When it comes to watersports, experts recommend dressing for the water temperature rather than the air temperature.
  • If water temps are below 70° Fahrenheit, plan to wear a wetsuit or dry suit and booties.
  • opt for clothing made from quick-drying synthetic or wool fabric.
  • Don’t forget sun protection: Protect your skin with a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Have your life jacket on any time you’re on the water.