To be a leading factor of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, with understanding the modern challenges and adopting to the
global trends and to help the development of
Sri Lankan economy.
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Offering an efficient, flexible , friendly and quality service with a Sri Lankan tropical warmth while letting travelers to observe the natural beauty of Sri Lanka.

Meet Our Team

chinthaka -srilanka-tour

Chinthaka De Silva


FromChinthaka, Founder of the Look Lanka Tours. His experience in a wide variety of business sector always brings a fresh perspective to table.

anuradha -srilanka-tour

Anuradha Hewage

Office Manager

FromAnuradha, provides a strong mix of management with collaborating colleagues to keep things in order and adds a strategic vision to everyday activities to ensure the smooth running of business.

chamil -srilanka-tour

Chamil De Silva

Travel Advisor

FromChamil, with great enthusiasm for travelling, will always enhance satisfaction and acquire an expanding and dedicated clientele. He’s there for you to Superlative traveling arrangements.