Ambuluwawa Tower

Ambuluwawa Tower

Ambuluwawa Tower is located close to Gampola Town in Sri Lanka. It is well-known because of the lovely surroundings and the small spiral staircase. The mountaintop is 3567 feet above sea level, while Gampola Town is located 1000 feet below it. The Ambuluwawa tower enjoys a clear view from a distance and vice versa because it is situated on the mountain peak’s summit.

The Gampola Train Station offers a good view of the Ambuluwawa tower. It is surrounded by many mountains including Piduruthalagala from the East, Bible Rock (Bathalegala) from the West, Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) from the South, andthe Knuckles Mountain Range from the North. This is the reason the area has a refreshing mountain wind. Nothing in here has any historical or archaeological significance.

Nearest Town: Gampola

Gates open at 8.30 am

The history of Ambuluwawa

Ambuluwawa Tower
Ambuluwawa Tower

The Gampola Kingdom was founded by the well-known Sinhala King Buvanekabahu IV (1341-1357 AD). He governed for four years and was set as the capital city. King Buwanekabahu V reigned for 29 years and Alagakkonara constructed a separate municipality in Kotte. The Saliyalapura Temple in Gampola houses the longest sleeping Buddha statue in South Asia. There are several archaeological relics in the Gampola area that build under its control and later eras.

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Ambuluwawa biodiversity

Ambuluwa is a special place in Sri Lanka, with all the climatic characteristics of Sri Lanka as well as plant community, bird species, and quadruped animals belonging to all climates. as well as, this is home to the biggest Ancatussa ever discovered in Sri Lanka, as well as sometimes occurring massive, vibrant butterflies. In Sri Lanka, there are plants that endure every kind of weather, and lizards, falcons, and big geckos make up the majority of the animal population.

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Ambuluwawa Tower
Ambuluwawa Tower

One of the best views you can admire from this tower is, from

  • South –Sri Pada or Adams Peak
  • North –Mountain range of Knuckles
  • West –Bathalegala or Bible Rock
  • East –Piduruthalagala Mountain


Top places to visit in Gampola

There are many top tourist attractions places around the Gampola area. Which makes it a perfect tourist hotspot in Sri Lanka.

Lankathilake temple

Ambuluwawa Tower

Lankatilaka Vihara is a Buddhist temple located in Udunuwara of Kandy, Sri Lanka. the history of the temple goes back to the 14th century. It is located on Daulagala Road approximately 4 km away from Pilimatalawa junction and a few kilometers from the Buddhist temple, Gadaladeniya Vihara.

It is considered as the most magnificent valuable architectural edifice created during the Gampola era.According to historical reports this temple was built by King Bhuvanekabahu IV.

Embekke devalaya

Ambuluwawa Tower

The Embekke Devalaya was built by the King Vikramabahu III of the Gampola Era in Sri Lanka. The shrine is situated in Medapalata Korale of Udunuwara in Kandy District. It is dedicated to Kataragama deviyo and a local deity called Devatha Bandara.The shrine consists of three sections, the “Sanctum of Garagha”, the “Digge” or “Dancing Hall” and the “Hevisi Mandapaya”. The Drummers’ Hall has drawn the attention of visitors due to its wood carvings and its high-pitched roof.

Ambuluwawa Tower

Kandy is a large city in central Sri Lanka, set on a plateau surrounded by mountains. It is famous for its sacred Buddhist sites, including the Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) shrine, which is celebrated with the Esala Perahera annual procession. Kandy Lake is popular for strolling.

Temple of Tooth relic

Ambuluwawa Tower

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic or Sri Dalada Maligawa, is a Buddhist temple in Kandy, Sri Lanka.The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is a world-renowned place of worship, where the left Canine tooth of Gautama Buddha is enshrined. It was named a world heritage by UNESCO in 1988 and is venerated by thousands of local and foreign devotees and tourists daily.

The temple is built in the city of Kandy near the ancient Royal Palace and the forest reserve called Udawaththa Kelaya. The temple is adorned with intricate carvings using gold, silver, bronze, and ivory.