Best attractions in Ella

Best attractions in Ella

Best time to visit in Ella

Ella may be visited all year round, however between March and June in the summer and between December and February in the winter are the most beautiful times to go. Due of the travel limitations enforced after a significant downpour, Ella experiences a low season during the monsoons.

Ella map

Ella rock

ella rock sri lanka

Another best attractions in Ella, Sri Lanka, is Ella Rock. The region’s hike destination, Ella Rock, is quite close to Ella city. The Ella Rock hike, which is about a 10-kilometer round trip, offers stunning views of the Ella region’s slopes, including Little Adam’s Peak and Ella Gap. Although Ella Rock and the surrounding area are a year-round tourism destination, the ideal months to visit are March through June when Ella has quite a wonderful summer climate with sunny days and no rain.

Also, the winter months of December through February would be ideal for slowly strolling and trekking in this hillside area. A magnificent four-hour round-trip journey beginning in Ella town would be involved. Up till you reach the top of the rock, the journey will take you past beautiful landscape, beautiful tea plantations, and quaint railroad tracks.

Nine arches bridge

nine arches bridge

The Nine Arch Bridge is known as the Sky Bridge.The Nine Arch is the best attractions in Ella. The bridge is made of stones and bricks .it is total length of 300 ft, a width of 25 ft and a height of 80 ft, as in nine spans. Exactly located in Demodara, halfway between Ella and Demodara railway station. Built at 3100 meters above sea level, among the Central Highlands’ craggy peaks.

Ravana water falls

ravana water falls

Ravana Falls, regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s widest waterfalls, is a wonderful tourist location in the Ella town for visiting and enjoying the beauty of nature. The waterfalls from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop that is 25 meters tall and spans a wide area. If you’re an adventurer, you’ll adore this location where you may swim in gorgeous bodies of water while taking in the amazing vistas of the rocks and vegetation.

The name of the fall comes from the Ramayana because of the significance of the nearby caves and the falls in the Rama and Ravana epic. about 6 kilometers from Ella’s railroad station.  Only a 10-minutes’ drive or a short journey on the local bus would take you.

Ravana cave

ravana cave ella

Just 2 kilometers outside of Ella town is the Ravana caves, one of Sri Lanka’s most well-known tourist destinations. And it is best attraction in Ella. There are 1370 meters above sea level at Ravana Cave. It is around 200 kilometers to the east of Colombo. The Ravana Falls are near to the cave, and the majority of visitors swim in the bodies of water there. it was formerly covered by a thick forest, but now the 82-foot Ravana waterfalls have covered it.

According to myth, King Ravana utilized the Ravana cave to hide Princess Sita.  The most exciting a experiences are available to you. When visiting the Ravana caves, you must be bringing better clothing and boots with you.

Little adam’s peak

little aAdam's peak

The best and most accessible travel in Ella town is Little Adam’s Peak, which is a fantastic hike. The peak, which measures 1,141 meters above sea level, offers wonderful views of Ella’s lovely, beautiful hills. This lovely hike begins at the 98 Acres Resort gate, just outside the town center. The climb to Little Adam’s Peak takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Other best attractions in Ella

  • Ceylon Tea Factory
  • Dhowa Rock Temple
  • Mahamewnawa Monastery
  • Kithal Ella Waterfalls
  • Halpe Pattini Devalaya
  • Demodara Railway Loop