Best Ramayana Places

in Sri Lanka

best ramayanaya places in sri lanka

The Ramayana has influenced Southeast Asian and Indian sub continental art and culture profoundly. The Ramayana connects the two countries in different aspects including geographically, historically, culturally, and spiritually.

The people of Sri Lanka through generations believed that king Ravana rlued this country. There are numerous locations in Sri Lanka that have attched to the Ramayana. The locations listed below are those that we have determined to be related to the Ramayana and are arranged in accordance with the epic.

Munneshwaram Temple-Chilaw

munneshwaram temple sri lanka

Sri Munneswaram Devasthaam temple, also known as the Munneswaram temple, is dedicated to lord Shiva who is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. It is believed that Munneswaram predates the Ramayana.This complex includes five templates including a Buddhist temple. Its central temple is devoted for lord Shiva, is located on island’s border. They are called Pancha Ishwarams. Tourists flock to Chilaw, to witness the Munneshwaram festival. Visitors can also visit during the nine-day Navarathri festival, which celebrates Lord Shiva, and the Sivarathri festival.

Manawari Temple

manawari temple sri lanka

The Manavari Kovil is said to be one of the most important religious sites when it comes to the Hindu population in both Sri Lanka and India. It is associated with the legendary tale of Rama and Sita, reflecting in the epic of Ramanaya. This legendary tale states that Manawari was the first place where Lord Rama installed the Shiva lingam and prayed it after the victory over king Ravana.  According to the history, it is the only lingam named after him and not the one in Rameshwaram(India).

Thirukoneshwaram Temple – Trincomalee

thirukonneshwaram temple sri lanka

Thirukoneswaram or Thirukonamalai Temple temple is ancient medieval Hindu temple complex that is located in Trincomalee the Eastern capital of Sri Lanka. The temple is surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery, the temple is believed to be one of the Panch Ishwarams (five abodes of Shiva) of Sri Lanka along with Ketheeshwaram, Munneshwaram, Naguleshwaram and the now destroyed Tenavaram.This is considered as one of the main pilgrimage center among Hindus which is also famous Ramayana trail related site in Sri Lanka.

According to the Ramayana legend, Lord Shiva commanded Rishi Agastya to construct this wonderful temple on a rock promontory after being moved by King Ravana’s devotion.

Lover’s Leap Trincomalee

lovers leap sri lanka

Lover’s leap is just few steps away from the main shrine room of the Thirukoneshwaram Hindu Temple. This cliff is extremely deep cliff rightly located on the summit of famous Swami Rock of Trincomalee. There are number of different stories around weave around this place. As per Ramayana, the cliff is made by King Ravana. The mother of king Ravana had practiced the worshiping of God Shiva. When she was very ill, King Ravana lifted the shrine rock and at that time Lord Shiva made him to drop his sword. Therefore, this place was named as Ravana Cliff.

Also a love story which says that a girl named Francina van Reed jumped from the top of the rock due to a broken relationship with a Dutch Officer during Dutch Colonial period of Sri Lanka then Ceylon.

 Sita Kotuwa


Sita Kotuwa also known as Seetha Kotuwa means Sita’s fort. This place got its name because of Sitadevi’s captivity at this place. This archeological location which is directly connected to the Ramayana trail located in Gurulupotha Hasalaka in Central Province, Sri Lanaka. This location is filled with breathtaking views including beautiful waterfalls, abundant flora, fauna and streams.This place is where Sita devi was kept before she was transferred to Ashok Vatika. Also there is a belief that there was an aircraft repair center in King Ravana’s capital.

Seetha Amman Temple


Sita Amman temple in Sri Lanka is the only Hindu temple dedicated to Princess Sita. This Ramayana-related place is home to Nuwara Eliya. The significant importance in Seetha Amman temple is that soil in this area is black in colour. Referring to epic of Ramayana it is the belief that Hanumanji burnt this area this area before he left Sri Lanka. The foot prints of Lord hanuman’s can be seen even today close Sita Amman temple.

Ravana Falls


Ravana falls are found in the hills of Ella. This fall is renowned for being one of Sri lanka’s widesr waterfalls. Ravana falls is named after the demon King Ravana who have ruled in Sri Lanka. Landscapes around the ravana falls comprises of slopes, valleys, hills and streams. The best time to visit the waterfall is during the rainy season or just after as compared to the dry season when the water levels are sparse.

Other  Best Ramayana Places in Sri Lanka

  • Kanniya – The place where King Ravana carried out the last rites for his mother.
  • Gavagala or Ghoushala – King Ravana’s dairy farm.
  • Thotupolakanda (means Mountain Port in Sinhala) at Horton plains
  • Weragantota (means Place of Aircraft landing in Sinhala) in Mahiyangana
  • Ussangoda (means Area of Lift in Sinhala) in the Southern coast
  • Wariapola (means Aircraft Port in Sinhala) in Matale and Kurunagala.
  • Neelawari– A place where Lord Rama aimed an arrow to obtain water.
  • Panchamuga Anjanaya Temple– The first Anjanaya Temple in Sri Lanka.
  • Rama Temple at Rattota– One of the few Rama’s temple in Sri Lanka.
  • Maha Ravanagoda/ Kuda Rāvanagoda- Ravana’s places in the south.
  • Veedurupola – Buddhist temple dedicated to research on Ramayana.
  • Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple, Ramboda- Ramboda is a place where Hanuman was searching for Sita Devi. The name is also associated with Rama’s army. Rampadai, menas Rama’s force in Tamil.
  • Rumassala– Located in Galle District
Kanniya-hot-water Springs
Panchamuga Anjanaya Temple