The Best Surfing in Sri Lanka

The Best Surfing in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka is known more for its lush woods, golden beaches, Historical and religious places, and delectable cuisine. Sri Lanka is an excellent place to go surfing. Sri Lanka is a great place to surf due to its beautiful coastline, warm tropical water, favorable weather patterns, and swells that provide clear blue waves for surfers of all skill levels. Sri Lanka’s waves are ideal for this thrilling water sport, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced one.

Surfing seasons

The best time of year to go surfing varies depending on where you go due to tide changes. Between November and April, the coastal beaches in the Southwest and South are excellent for surfing. Surfing season on the East Coast lasts from May to October.

The most famous surface area in Sri Lanka

East Coast – Arugam Bay

South West Coast – Hikkaduwa, Mirissa, Weligama, Unawatuna



Hikkaduwa is the best surfing in Sri Lanka. The well-known party town of Hikkaduwa is located on the southwest coast of the island, around 120 kilometers (75 mi) south of Colombo and about 20 miles from Galle. It was once merely a surfing community, but now it attracts many surfers. Due to its reputation, it is also one of the liveliest surfing destinations you can visit. You don’t have to be an expert or professional surfer to use these reef breaks because they are suitable for surfers of all levels.



One of Sri Lanka’s most popular beaches is Unawatuna.It is the best surfing in Sri Lanka. It’s a fantastic choice for families or those who want to include more water sports and activities in their stay. Unawatuna, which is near Galle, has gained popularity as a location for adventurers looking to maximize their beach time. The numerous surf locations that are ideal for surfers of all skill levels throughout the season are what make Unawatuna the ideal place to practice surfing. The Unawatuna Beach Break, the Dalawella Reef, Bonavista Bay, and the Kabalana Beach Break are a few of the well-known surfing locations in Unawatuna.



Weligama is another favorite spot for beginners and intermediate surfers since it consistently provides good waves. Although the main beach has a row of surfing schools and many boards available for rent, it occasionally experiences pollution. The waves can get a little bigger for intermediate-level surfers and are often easy to learn. Weligama is the best area to start learning to surf in Sri Lanka if you’re a beginner.

Arugam Bay


The east coast is home to Arugam Bay. When it’s too rainy in the south, that’s when it’s ideal to visit. The ideal time to travel is from April through September. Arugam by is the best surfing in Sri Lanka. It is ideal to ride 2-meter-high waves out in the bay area due to the water’s curvature, tides, and reefs. As the wind typically turns on-shore after midday during this season, the best time to go surfing is in the morning hours. Popular spots for surfing in this area include Main Point, Pottuvil Point, and Crocodile Rock.



Mirissa, which was formerly a little fishing community, has quickly gained popularity as a top beach vacation spot. Surfing is very popular in the area. Early in the day and late in the day are the finest times to surf. The waves are rarely influenced by on-shore winds because the point is situated between rocks and a hill. The beach break in Mirissa is also great for boogie boarders. The season for water activities typically runs from November to April, just like it does for any other southern coastal location on the island. During this season, a lot of intermediate-level surf competitions are hosted here. Surfboards can be simply rented here.


Surfing Equipment

Even if you are a beginner, participating in this activity is manageable due to the accessibility of the necessary equipment and surfing sites. For a small charge, you may simply hire a surfboard right on the shore if you’re a beginner. Although the price of renting can vary, it is frequently calculated by the hour. Similarly, to that, hiring instructors will incur an additional cost and may vary.