Summer season water sports


Sri Lanka is a small island rich in resources. If you come to Sri Lanka in the summer season, your trip will be great. Tourists exploring Sri Lanka between May and September have access to heritage sites in the cultural triangle, and wildlife parks. The east coast has the best weather and summer water sports like snorkeling. The east coast of Sri Lanka offers a host of exciting water sports during the summer season. These water activities are fun for families as well as solo. These amazing water sports activities are sure to make your summer vacation in Sri Lanka special.

Water Sports

surfing in Sri Lanka

Arugambay Beach is very famous among local and foreign tourists. Because this is important to surfing. This is known in the surfing community as it has some of the best waves in the world. And Arugam Bay is also known as one of the ten best surf places in the world. This beach is located on the east coast of Sri Lanka. Arugambay high season inruns from June until August. Beginners can take advantage of the surfing offered in the summer. Always be sure to check the tide and browse only n a safe designated area.

The main occupation of his area people is fishing, but due to the increasing popularity of the Arugambay beach, mainly due to surfing activities, the tourism industry has boomed. In February and March, you can not engage in surfing. Because there are no waves.

Snorkeling and scuba diving

Snorkeling and scuba diving

The eastern coastal region of Sri Lanka is famous for snorkeling and scuba diving. For your scuba diving excursions, you must have a PADI scuba diving qualification. These tours are usually led by an expert guide. Trincomalee is some of the best diving destinations in Sri Lanka. Popular options reasonably close to the beach include swami rock, Eel Rock, etc. A number of marine species such as endangered sea turtles, moray eels, and black-tip reef sharks will be encountered. Snorkeling and cub diving are best water sports in Sri Lanka.

Kite surfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a top kitesurfing destination with flat water, excellent wind conditions, and numerous kite spots, making it ideal for beginners and advanced riders. It ranks among the best kitesurfing destinations in Asia. Key factors include flatwater in lagoons, steady wind conditions, and rich local culture, making it an ideal destination for both beginners and advanced kite surfers. Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka has two main seasons: the primary season from May to September, ideal for pro riders like Ruben Lenten and Mikali Sol, and the calmer months from December to February.

Kite surfing Sri Lanka is an established company dedicated to this sport in Sri Lanka. Their school runs several courses from beginner to advanced and has plenty of friendly instructors to help during the day.

Kite surfing destination

  • Kalpitiya beach
  • Ippantivu island
  • Vella island
  • Kappaladi lagoon
White water rafting

Sri Lanka, whitewater rafting is a well-liked and exhilarating water sports, especially on the Kelani River, which begins at Kitulgala. The region around Kithulgala, formerly famous for its beautiful scenery and lush landscape is today famous for its exhilarating wildlife. There are several businesses offering rafting excursions on the Kelani River. The journey takes longer because of the stops made to investigate rock pools and forest pathways. Some of Sri Lanka’s rivers offer opportunities for recreational activists and water sport enthusiasts to enjoy whitewater rafting, with Kitulgala being the most famous place in the country.

What to wear and bring for white water rafting

  • Dress for the water: When it comes to watersports, experts recommend dressing for the water temperature rather than the air temperature.
  • If water temps are below 70° Fahrenheit, plan to wear a wetsuit or dry suit and booties.
  • opt for clothing made from quick-drying synthetic or wool fabric.
  • Don’t forget sun protection: Protect your skin with a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Have your life jacket on any time you’re on the water.

Q & A

01.What time period is best to visit Sri Lanka

The best time to visit the west and south coast and hill country is from December to March. The best weather on the east coast is from April or May to September

02.What is the duration of the summer season?

Summer months (May to September).

03.What is the best coastal area for the summer season?

The east coast and northern region have dry, sunny weather, so it is advisable to visit those regions during this season

04.What are the summer adventure activities?

  • Sailing in Pasikuda
  • Snorkel at pigeon island
  • Crayoning in Kitulgala
  • Kitesurfing in kalpitiya

05.What are the summer season festivals in Sri Lanka

  • Poson festival
  • Esala festival
  • Katharagama Esala festival
  • Vesak festival