Waikkal city the wonderful coastal town in Sri Lanka

Waikkal city

Known as a tourist destination, Sri Lanka is rich in eye catching natural places all over the island. Because Sri Lanka is an island, it is actually surrounded by a coastline. But these beaches are naturally beautiful and attract local and foreign tourists from all over the world. Almost all the beaches around the country are natural and truly beautiful. Meanwhile, Waikkala is a coastal village located in the northwestern corner of the country.

Waikkala city is located approximately 45Km away from colombo. You can take normal route from colombo via the colombo- Puttalam main road.

Waikkal city map

Best time to visit northwestern coast

The best time for the west and south coast is December- march followed by July- august and while swimming in the sea is suitable. But many beaches re affected by large waves and strong currents year-round

Northwestern coast

Best things to do

  • Having a Waikkal city tour
  • Spending time at morawala beach
  • Visiting St. Mary’s church
  • Enjoying the sunset at the lagoon
  • Tasting local food
  • Touring around the Negombo fish market

Having a Waikkal city tour

Waikkal city is the best coastal site in Sri Lanka. One can tour the city on foot or on a bicycle, as it is a small city that spreads across many miles. It is best experience for tourists. You can get opportunities to go on a sightseeing tour around the beach town of Waikkala. The Waikkal city tour gives a fresh start and can familiarize you with the surroundings and culture of the city.

Spending time at morawala beach

Morawala beach is situated in Negombo and this beach is most beautiful attraction in this small town. Coastal cities are all about the pecan, beaches, huge waves and distant horizons. Morawala is very safe best place to bath even for the kids. This is famous destination for wedding preshoots and wedding shoots

morawala beach

Tasting local food

Sri Lanka has a multi – community culture with inhabitants of several religions. Even the food culture of this country is formed with those cultures. When it comes to these coastal cities, street food and seafood area must. That’s because coastal towns have the freshest seafood. So even nearby restaurants focus on seafood that’s rich in flavor. In addition, there are many street food stalls around the beach, which are frequented by visitors

Local food

Visiting St. Mary’s church

St. Mary’s Church in Negombo, nicknamed ‘Little Rome’, is an iconic cathedral. it is built in neoclassical styles. It showcases the strong Catholic community in the city. Saint Mary’s church is one of the most popular catholic churches near Waikkala. Many tourists love to visit this place because of its wonderful architectural value and its cultural value. This is close to Negombo Beach. It will give to the best experience for you.

St. Mary’s church

Munneswaram Hindu Kovil

The town around Waikkala is a coastal region with a multi-ethnic community. Therefore, there is a mixture of Hindu cultural attractions and not only Buddhist and catholic religious attractions. Munneswaram Hindu Temple can be considered a special Hindu Shrine. The Munneswaram Hindu Temple is located a few miles from the town of Waikkala. It is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shive. Many devotees, especially Hindus visit this shrine for blessings. This is a tourist attraction because of its unique architectural values. So, if you are visiting sri lanka don’t forget to visit Waikkala town.

Munneswaram Hindu Kovil

Touring around the Negombo fish market

The best time to visit the Negombo fish market is in the early morning hours. Although there are many small-scale fish shops in Waikkala, a visit to the Negombo fish market is a must. This is because Negombo has one of the largest, richest and busiest fish markets in Sri Lanka

Negombo fish market