Best places to visit in Jaffna

Best places to visit in jaffna sri lanka

Jaffna is the northernmost city in the tropical island of Sri Lanka located about 400 km north of Colombo and about 35 km from mainland India. It is a peninsula and the city of Jaffna stands as Sri Lanka’s 12th largest city. The constant sunshine climate has managed to provide a unique experience for tourists exploring the island. Hinduism is a major religion, and much of the region’s cuisine is influenced by the tastes and traditions of India. Due to the influence of India, tourism in Jaffna has received a new approach due to its high archeological and historical importance.

When is the best time to visit Jaffna

Anytime from January to March is the best time to visit Jaffna, as when the temperature can be controlled and there is a little rain..

Visit the local market

local market in Jaffna

Getting to know the local market before embarking on a Jaffna tourism experience will undoubtedly surprise you. Jaffna market is one of the most unique markets on the island. The main specialty of this local market is the use of Palmyra trees to create food items and other goods. You can buy a range of products including sweets, souvenirs, food, apparel, etc. It is best to visit the noisy Jaffna market in the morning. The local market can give a clear view of the life of Jaffna city with the distinctive characteristics of the island.

Relax at the natural beach

Jaffna beach in Sri Lanka

You are more anxious to see interesting sights near Jaffna. A 25-minute drive will take you to kankasanthurei beach, one of Jaffna’s most attractive sights. The golden sands and blue waters offer a fresh approach to the tourists who come to experience the beach. Kankasanthurei Beach coast is free for all. As well as walking along these beaches at night, recreational sports fans can indulge in beach volleyball. After the beach, head over the Keerimalai Pond which you can see as a natural swimming pool. You can explore those scenes to know about the beaches of Jaffna.

Visit the Nallur Kandaswamy kovil

Nallur Kandaswamy kovil in Jaffna

Nallur Kandaswamy kovil is one of the unmissable points of interest on your tour. The Nallur Kandaswamy kovil in Jaffna is a kovil of religious significance for the majority of Hindus. Also considered an important place in the Ramayana pilgrimage dedicated to lord Murugan, a major symbol of Tamil religiosity. There you can see the impressive Dravidian architecture and grand arches. There is a special dress code to enter Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil. Men must enter without any shirt and ladies needs to wear decently. Numerous thousands of devotees go from all over the world, including Sri Lanka, to attend the annual Nallur Kovil festival.

 Visit the Jaffna library and clock tower

Jaffna library in Sri Lanka

Jaffna library is located which is about 2 km from the main city of Jaffna. This was once named the largest library in Asia. The Jaffna library is still an important architectural structure. This library is considered to be the second main library in sri lanka and the rival library is only Colombo public library. Apart from the Jaffna library, the clock tower is another landmark in this city which is built by the British. It was built in 1875 to commemorate the arrival of the Prince of Wales and Albert Edward to Sri Lanka. Library and clock tower are best places to visit in Jaffna.

Eat Indian-influenced foods

Indian foods in Jaffna Sri Lanka

One main thing to visit Sri Lanka is to experience the delicious food. Jaffna is a close relationship with India. Jaffna foods have a unique flavor that is different from other regions of Sri Lanka and close to south Indian cuisine in taste. As Hinduism is prevalent in the region, most foods in the region are strictly vegetarian. Foods including thosai, idli, rice, and seafood are some of the popular dishes you can have in Jaffna restaurants.

Worship Nagapooshani Amman kovil

Nagapooshani Amman kovil in Jaffna

Nagapooshani Amman kovil is the most visited Hindu kovil in Nainativu Island Sri Lanka. You can access this Kovil 36 Km from Jaffna, the capital city of the northern province. It is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and is home to the important Buddhist Shrine Nagadeepa Purana Viharaya. The kovil is 108 feet high. A stone statue of a five-headed cobra is worshiped in this temple as it is believed to have been built by the ‘’Nagas’’ of prehistoric periods. The festival of this Sri Nagapooshani Amman Kovil is held in the Tamil month of June/July each year for fifteen days.


Other best places to visit in Jaffna

Apart from the places mentioned above, you can also take a chance to visit these places during your tour.

  • Jaffna fort – Jaffna Fort is a major tourist attraction in Jaffna Sri Lanka established in 1618 by Portuguese colonists
  • Sangilean Thoopa – This Sangilean Thoopa holds the memory of the last Tamil King who ruled the Yarlpana Kingdom successfully.
  • Casuarina Beach – Casuarina Beach is one of the most attractive places to visit in the Jaffna Peninsula almost 20 km far from Jaffna city
  • Dambakola Patuna – This place is rich for its 2000 years of history. It was the ancient port in Sri Lanka
  • Archeological museum Jaffna – The archeological museum is located in Nallur, Jaffna. It has artifacts belonging to the Buddhist and Hindu religions