Hot Air Ballooning in Sri Lanka

hot air Bballooning in sri lanka

What is Hot Air Ballooning?

When the air inside a hot air balloon is heated to a point where it is lighter than the colder air around it, the hot air rises, lifting the balloon along with it. The earliest form of human-carrying flying technology is the hot air balloon. The wind’s path will always be followed by hot air balloons as they float.  sure, you have an actual one-of-a-kind hot air ballooning experience in Sri Lanka is important because wind currents change with altitude.

The experience of riding in a hot air balloon can be described as thrilling and terrifying. It’s a wonderful way to take to the skies and see the ground below from above. A renowned adventure sport, hot air ballooning offers tourists an unforgettable experience with a low flying 500 M to 2,000 M with a bird’s eye view.

Hot Air Balloons Sri Lanka Season

The most ideal times for Sri Lanka Hot Air Ballooning adventures are typically from November to May when the winds are at their lowest. The best conditions for this are available in March and April.

Hot Air Ballooning in Sri Lanka destinations

Hot Air Ballooning in Dambulla

dambulla air balloon

With this hot air balloon flight over Dambulla, have an unforgettable experience while taking in Sri Lanka’s breathtaking scenery. Due to its climate in Dambulla-Kandalama, which is exceptional for flying balloons due to its highly calm and predictable nature, the Sigiriya areas are one of the best locations for hot air ballooning in Sri Lanka.  You must start your hot air balloon journey early in the morning. While on the air balloon tour, you might see monkeys swinging from trees, water buffaloes standing in paddy fields, wild animals, birds of all kinds, and elephants ambling through the forest

Hot Air Ballooning in Habarana

Habarana ai balloon

If you want a bird’s eye, a silent ride through the sky, or a picnic with locals and tourists, a hot air balloon is the best way to do it. Sri Lanka’s top hot air balloon location is Habarana. If you appreciate the need to see wild elephants while visiting the area you can book your hot air balloon ride. You can set out on your trip in the early morning.  If you want to see herds of wild elephants emerge from forests in the mornings in quest of water, a ride from Habarana is the best option for you. The cave sanctuaries of Dambulla and the Rock Fortress of Sigiriya are located on the surrounding terrain.

Hot Air Ballooning in  Galle

galle ai balloon

Hot air ballooning in Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly popular both amongst foreigners and locals such as Galle, A ride in a hot-air balloon is also can be the best idea for friends and family to provide them with a unique and breathtaking experience to last a lifetime. Floats at heights of 500 to 2000 feet on average. For tourists visiting the best destination of Galle with its ancient fort that still stands proud, an aerial view from a hot-air balloon is sure to provide the best perspective of the city below. Jetwing Kurulubedda is one such special location located off a river.

Types of Hot Air Balloons

Montgolfier type Balloon

In order to achieve lift, the air inside the balloon is heated using fire. Montgolfier balloons are common hot air balloons. The Montgolfier siblings developed this kind of balloon.

Hybrid Balloon

This type of balloon also uses hot air, but it also has a compartment at its highest point for helium or hydrogen gas.  Helium is now the propelling gas of choice for all new Roziere balloons.

Pure Gas Balloon

which doesn’t use hot air and only allows you to adjust the height by releasing ballast or venting gas. Gas and hybrid balloons are better suited for use over greater distances because they use less fuel to maintain altitude over prolonged periods of time.

What to Wear and Bring for Adventure

  • Choose the comfortable shoes of your choice.
  • A hat or cap to protect you from the heat of the burners.
  • It is best to dress casually wearing something light and comfortable.
  • weather conditions
  • safety and security
  • allocate at least three and a half hours entire journey.
  • Please note that if you are pregnant or if you have children under 7 years of age, the ride isn’t ideal for you.