Top Caves in Sri Lanka: Exploring Nature’s Hidden Wonders

top caves in sri lanka

Sri Lanka is best known for its beautiful beaches and calm hill country. Many of the caves and caverns in this lovely Sri lanka are thousands of years old, and they are lined up with the extremely distinct scenery of this land. Many of which are several thousand years old and have remarkable hidden treasures.

Caves in Sri Lanka

Dambulla Cave Temple

dambulla cave temple

The Dambulla Cave Temple is situated 1118 feet above sea level. The Dambulla Cave Temple, a renowned cave complex that extends more than 2000 feet and is perched on top of a rock, is 600 feet high and has images and rock paintings of Lord Buddha. It is a cave complex with impressive Buddha statues and colorful rock paintings that were created and painted during the Anuradhapura era and survived till the Kandyan era in the eighteenth century

Matale Alu vihara Cave Temple

matale alu vihara cave temple

Alu Vihare Rock Cave Temple is located in Matale, a religious tourist attraction and a shrine devoted to Lord Buddha. This location is significant to Buddhism because it was here that Buddhist monks first codified the Tripitaka, which had previously only been transmitted verbally. Along the Matale road, the caves are situated around 30 kilometers north of Kandy. The huge caves of the temple are decorated with frescoes and paintings of Buddha. Both Buddhists and Hindus are enamored with the Alu Vihare Rock cave shrine

Batadomba Lena Cave Temple – Kuruvita

batadomba lena cave

The Batadomba Lena Cave Temple, also known as Diva Guhava archaeological site, holds testimony of occupancy from as early as 8,000 years is also referred to as the Diva Guhava archaeological site. Located in the Sabaragamuwa Province, 8km from the town of Kuruwita, these caves are easily accessible from the Ratnapura route to Ella.  It is also referred to as the Diva Guhava archaeological site. Among the evidence of Balangoda Man he unearthed at the site were stone accessories defined as an arrow – or spearheads and nicely shaped and perforated pebbles made from ostrich eggshell fragments. Batadombalena Cave has an area of approximately 15 m × 18 m × 24 m.

Ravana Cave

ravana cave

The Ravana Caves, located around 2 kilometers from Ella town and around 1370 meters above sea level, are one of Sri Lanka’s most well-known cave systems. The cave measures roughly 50 feet in width, 150 feet in length, and 60 feet in height. The ancient Ramayana states that King Ravana used this cave to shield Princess Sita. One of Sri Lanka’s most popular tourist destinations. it has a historical significance and a human skull from 20,000 BC has been recovered in archeological excavations.

Fa Hien cave Temple – Kalutara

fa hien cave temple kalutara

One of the unusual and significant prehistoric sites in Sri Lanka is Fa Hien’s prehistoric Cave in Pahiyangala Rock. Due to the discovery of skeletal human remains from the late Pleistocene period and evidence of human settlement dating back approximately 33,000 years, the Pahiyangala Cave is regarded as a gold mine for archaeologists and paleontologists. With the largest naturally constructed rock in all of Asia, this cave is the earliest prehistoric settlement on the continent.

Stheeripura Cave

stheeripura cave

in the Badulla District, Stheeripura Cave is located in Kiriwanagama, about 16 kilometers from Welimada. Three caves make up the sequel to The Cave. It is believed from the myth that Sri Lankan King Ravana used the cave to conceal Princess Sita. Princess Sita was allegedly taken from her husband, Indian Prince Rama, during the conflict between King Rama and King Ravana, according to the Ramayana story.

Andirilena Cave

andirilena cave udugama

The Andirilena Cave is a Cave located 4km the Galle District Sri Lanka. Although Andirilena Cave is massive, the entrance is only a little over four feet high. Once inside, you can see a number of smaller caves connecting to the main one .Inside the cave, a few tunnels connect; you must pass through each one.

Beli Lena Cave – Kitulgala

beli lena cave kitulgala

One of the country’s most significant prehistoric caverns, Kithulgala Belilena, contains the key to a disappeared age that occurred some 12,000 years ago. Driving down the Colombo-Hatton route for around 80 kilometers will get you to the Cave. The idea that human settlements in Sri Lanka may have originated as early as the Pleistocene Age is supported by a number of important pieces of research. Through excavations in Belilena, two fossilized bones of anthropoids from 3,000 and 22,000 years ago that had direct connections to the 12,000 B.C. era were found.

Pannila Calcareous Cave

pannila calcareous cave

Pannila Calcareous is located near Rakwana.A stream flows through the first cave, leading to lesser caves that lead to the second cave’s main entrance. Additionally, the area is home to a verity of fish, reptiles , bats, butterflies, and bird in their natural habitats

Mahalenama Cave

mahalenama cave

The historic Buddhist monastery at Mahalenama Cave lies nearby Kumana and Lahugala National Parks. The Nittevo, a short mammal with human-like proportions, is said to reside in this region, according to a tale by Vedda. Some people believe the Nittevo was a vanished Negrito tribe, while others think they were some forms of ape-man. Others, however, use an extinct species called Rahu valaha to identify them.