Sri Lanka safe for solo female travelers

Sri Lanka safe for solo female travelers

The Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean southwest of the Bay of Bengal. It is separated from the Indian peninsula by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. Sri Lanka, a small charming island located in the Indian Ocean, is truly a gem of the world’s main natural resources, rich in natural blessings and endless tourist attractions. Considering Sri Lanka is so small in size, the number of fun things there are to do and amazing destinations to explore is quite remarkable.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful destination to explore and experience in groups or individually. Solo travel in Sri Lanka for women can be challenging. This article answers your question.

How safe is Sri Lanka for women?

As a woman who will travel to new tourist destinations on vacation with family or individually. Traveling can sometimes be difficult, especially in developing countries. Everything is different starting from the cultural aspects of those countries. If planning to visit those countries. It is advisable to be aware of the dos and don’ts in advance.

Sri Lanka is safe for the most part, but some incidents can make any woman, even locals, uncomfortable.

Few  tips for solo female travelers

Dress code

However, you can wear a long skirt, long dresses, and a modest blouse. You can also wear loose pants. Whatever you wear, remember to dress modestly. So, cover your legs and shoulders, avoid tight tops and clothes like T-shirts are best. In many popular tourist areas, you can relax with the dress code and avoid personal questions. If you are going to the beach, dress modestly and avoid wearing anything like a bikini or a short dress.

Take accommodation in the safety area

As a female traveler, it’s advisable to Stay in a hotel in a single populated area and close t to major tourist attractions destinations. Staying in an isolated area should be avoided. Staying near tourist destinations during oak season gives you opportunities to travel with other travelers. Which is best for your safety.

Solo female travelers
Solo female travelers

Be aware of public transportation

Public transport is the best option for traveling across Sri Lanka. But it should be done carefully. As well as protecting your belongings in crowded transport and places, if you feel uncomfortable, you can switch seats and with a lady. This will further ensure your safety.

Keep self-confident

However, if you don’t know something or need to own something, be strong to ask for help. You will find it easy as Sri Lanka are very helpful and hospitable people.

Avoid exploring isolated places at night

Before you travel, do your research to find out when it’s safe to go out in Sri Lanka. Any place can get really lonely after the sun goes down. Avoid such areas and stick to more lively places.

Solo female travelers

Always inform your friends/family members

One of the best ways to be careful while traveling here in Sri Lanka is to inform the whole family of your whereabouts. Always keep your cell phone location on. It is important to keep your loved ones at home next time you go. If something happens to you while traveling in Sri Lanka, your friends and family can be informed and take action

Avoid drinking alcohol

If you are traveling alone in Sri Lanka, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol. Avoid drinking alcohol even in a group. Avoid accepting invitations from strangers.

Avoid going to unknown places with unknown people

don’t go with any stranger to a place you don’t know. It can be a threat to your safety. While being polite and friendly is a good personal trait, know that not all people are like that.

The best places for Sri Lanka solo female travel