Why you should visit Mannar

Why you should visit Mannar

Sri Lanka’s Island nation of Mannar is a well-liked tourist attraction. The Tamil and Sinhalese spellings are Mar and Mannrama, respectively. Being the largest city in the Mannar District, in the Northern Province of the country, over time this region experienced rapid urbanization. Mannar is sure to surprise you, making it a site not to be skipped when traveling the north and west of Sri Lanka. From being included in legends of antiquity to maintaining some unusual natural interests, Mannar will amaze you.


Being an ancient city, Mannar has a best rich history. During the early prehistoric eras, the Rajarata Kingdom initially included the Mannar area. Thereafter it fell to the regime of the Jaffna Kingdom and eventually taken over by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonists. The Low Country Sinhalese, Kandyan Sinhalese, and Tamil were the three administrative divisions created by the British based on ethnicity. However, Mannar, Jaffna, and Vanni districts all came under the control of the Tamils, becoming the Northern Province of Sri Lanka after the country’s independence.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) ruled the Mannar area for years during the protracted civil war and was recaptured by the Sri Lanka Army at the end of the war in 2008. History and nature lovers will truly enjoy their time in some of the amazing places to visit in Mannar.

Best places to visit in Mannar

Adam’s Bridge


The ancient mythical romance of the Ramayana tells the tale of a bridge linking India and Sri Lanka. Adam’s Bridge, a significant monument with mythological significance, is also known as Rama’s Bridge and Rama Setu. The Palk Strait and a series of tiny sandy islets, which were once one single strip of land, are connected by this 30 km long bridge. It is the most well-liked location for kiteboarding and a vital breeding spot and safe haven for many migratory birds. It continues to be a top attraction in Sri Lanka.

Mannar Fort


In the center of Mannar, with a view of the Indian Ocean, the Portuguese constructed the Mannar Fort. This is ensuring that this fort provides all the security that this trading port requires. The fort’s interior remains are lovely. A notable site on Mannar Island is this fort. All visitors are drawn to this distinctively crafted, square-shaped fort to examine the four bastions and its architectural grandeur at the spot where the mainland of Sri Lanka and Mannar Island is connected by a bridge. For those who have an interest in history, this is among the top locations to see in Mannar, Sri Lanka.

Thanthirimale Temple

Thanthirimale Temple

The ancient town of Thanthirimale, one of the top sites to visit in Mannar, Sri Lanka, is popular with tourists, particularly Buddhists interested in seeing the ancient Buddhist temples. 78 kilometers from Mannar, in an old village with a rock-covered landscape, is where you’ll find Thanthirimale Temple. The Thanthirimale Stupa, Sri Maha Bodhi Plant, Bo Tree, and other nearby locations are fantastic for exploring as a visitor or a committed Buddhist, in addition to the Thanthirimale Old Village.

Thiruketheeswaram Hindu Temple


In Sri Lanka, the Hindu shrine known as Thiruketheeswaram Kovil is also known as Ketheeswaram Temple or Tirukktsvaram. One of Sri Lanka’s most respected Hindu temples is the Thiruketheeswaram Hindu Temple in Manner. One of Sri Lanka’s five Pancha Ishwarams, the Kovil Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and is one of the five abodes of the God Shiva. The Thiruketheeswaram Hindu Temple and the Ramayana Trail are thought to be connected.



The largest and one of the oldest national parks in the nation, Wilpattu National Park, is conveniently close to Mannar. When you are in the region, you should definitely visit the park. Going on a safari drive here is a delightful experience, and you might even see some of the park’s well-known residents like leopards or sloth bears.

Mannar Island is among the top locations in Sri Lanka to see birds. One of the best places in Sri Lanka to see migratory birds and other wildlife is Mannar Island. Mannar is also home to numerous flocks of birds, including Greater Flamingos, Black-tailed Godwits, Gargneys, Pintail Ducks, Gulls, Plovers, and Terns. Mannar is a bird watching region quite different from the wet forest of the Central Highlands, the hill country, or the southern wetlands.

Mangrove forests


The mangrove forests are magnificent. These massive forests which seemingly float on water are one of the most fantastic features of Sri Lanka. A sizable mangrove forest may be found in the hamlet of Vidataltivu, which is about a 45-minute drive from Mannar. You may explore this wonderful coastal ecology by going on a lagoon safari.