Amazing Meemure village in Sri Lanka

Meemure village in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island located in the Indian Ocean and is known worldwide for its amazing tourist destinations. Almost all of these places have amazingly unique attractions that you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the world.

Meemure is a small, isolated village with a population of about 400 located in the Knuckles Mountain Range. It is accessible only through Hunnasgiriya and is surrounded by Lakegala Mountain from the east, Knuckles Mountain range from the west, Heen River to the south, and a forest spreading out towards Pitawala Pathana to the north. According to folklore, this village is more than 5000 years old and it is believed that Lakegala belonged to King Ravana.

The vegetation here is similar to that of the Knuckles Mountain Range, with over 130 species of birds, 20 species of amphibians, and over 25 species of fresh water species. The pyramid-shaped mountain of Lakegala, Ravana Falls, and the village of Gala Muduna are nearby attractions. as well as Meemure village is filled with picturesque waterfalls and natural pools where you can slip into the water.If you like to explore hidden attractions places, you must visit Meemure.

Meemure Map

History of Meemure village in Sri Lanka

Meemure is a small village in Sri Lanka that has a long history. According to local beliefs, the village used to be a site belonging to King Ravana, who kidnapped Rama’s wife, Sita. According to another folklore, Kuweni and her children moved to the forests of Meemure after they were banished by King Vijaya. It is believed that the Vedda community originated from Kuweni’s children and now lives in the Mahiyangana area. During the Kandyan Era, the village produced gunpowder used by the local army against the colonizers. In the present, Meemure has gained much recognition with various TV programs and popular movies.

What things are there to do in Meemure Village in Sri Lanka?

Lakegala Mountain

Lakegala Mountain

Lakegala Mountain is situated in Sri Lanka about 175 kilometers away from the capital Colombo. It is situated in Meemure village near the Border between Kandy and Matale Districts. According to ancient legends, King Ravana ruled the kingdom of Sri Lanka from the Lakegala summit and Lord Buddha visited it during his third visit to Sri Lanka.

The name Lakegala means ‘The Rock of Lanka’ in Sinhala and ‘Gal Thuna’ in Sinhala. The mountain peak is about 1,310 meters above sea level and is in the Knuckles Mountain range. It has a unique triangular appearance which is said to look like the Matterhorn of the Rockies. Lakegala is known to be among the hardest hikes in Sri Lanka. The months of August & September are the best for hiking Lakegala.

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Meemure Village in Sri Lanka

When talking about the attractions of Meemure it is a good point to start with its charming village. The beautiful village is hidden in the middle of a dense forest and is simply a village rich in natural beauty. Besides, the village is mostly based around a big bee tree, a small grocery store, and a Buddhist temple. Now the village also has a school and a medical center. Paddy fields, hay plantations, and spicy vegetation are a common sight in Meemure. Meemure village is also a good place to camp and spend a night.

Rivers and Waterfalls in Meemure

Compared to other regions of sri lanka, the central highlands are home to a number of beautiful waterfalls. You should definitely visit Meemure if you want to see spectacular views. The village is located in the middle of the knuckles forest reserve on the eastern slopes of the central province. In addition, the village is full of natural water springs and waterfalls. While traveling through the jungles of the village, you will be able to see some lesser-known waterfalls  like Navaratne Falls, diyakarella Falls. Waterfall hunting in this area is very special because they are located in an unspoiled natural environment with rich biodiversity.