4 Best Experiences for a First Time Visit in Sri Lanka


As a first-time visitor to Sri Lanka, there are certain destinations you must include in your journey to truly experience this beautiful country. The best attractions: its proud history, exotic wildlife, rich culture, beautiful nature and of course some fun outdoor activities. Here are the top 4 experiences for a first time traveller to Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka holds a rich proud history which derives back from Buddha times. Visiting Sri Lanka’s famed cultural triangle is an enjoyable experience for a first-time traveller to Sri Lanka. It comprises of a collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, amongst cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy and Cave Temple in Dambulla.

The Ancient City of Anuradhapura


Anuradhapura was Sri Lanka’s first planned and historical capital city founded in 5th century BC. Anuradhapura is greatest monastic city and was the cradle of glorious Sinhalese Buddhist civilization. The massive ancient stupas or dagobas, monasteries, splendid places, bathing ponds reveals the marvelous civil engineering technology in Sri Lanka.

The Ancient City of Polonnaruwa


Polonnaruwa was the second capital city of Sri Lanka after destruction of Anuradhapura. Polonnaruwa consists of ruins of the glorious kingdom of the Great King Parakramabahu. Today the ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned archaeological relic sites in the country.  Parakrma Samudraya, Gal Viharaya, pothgul viharaya are some of the places you can visit.

 Dambulla City


Dambulla is one of the most wonderful scenic cities in the North of the district of Malate,in the Central province of Sri Lanka. Dambulla is a spectacular city with many cultural and religious attractions including Dambulla Cave Temple, Sigiriya, and Pidurangala.


Sri Lanka has a diversified culture, as it varies from region to region. Sri Lankan culture is best known for its food, Ayurveda medicine, and religious events.  Amongst Sri Lankan local cuisine is a MUST try. Here’s list of      that you need to taste within your stay at this country.


Sri Lanka is a finest place to explore wildlife. There are different species of flora and fauna endemic only to Sri Lanka. Elusive leopard, regal elephant, blue whale and a whole host of exotic birds are some of the varieties you will be able to see. A lot of nature reserves, national parks and sanctuaries are there to protect this biodiversity.

Wild Life Safari


Sri Lanka has some of the best places to thrill and get safari experience. Yala National Park,Wilpattu National Park, Gal Oya National Park, Horton Plains are some of the places offers amazing wildlife experience. These parks are home to many animals such as elephants, reptiles, birds and leopards.

Whale Watching


Mirissa whale watching positions at the top level to experience best marine life around Sri Lanka. The whale watching season starts from month of November to April. You will be able to see variety of whales, dolphins and turtles during this season.


Sri Lanka is a country filled with natural beauty. You must get obsessed when experience this beautiful paradise for the first time of your life. This island is home to sandy-golden beaches, beautiful jungles, and murky lagoons.



The southern coast beaches are the most popular beaches and it tends to get crowded with beach lovers. People from all around the world come to explore the best beaches in Sri Lanka. The scenic views of these gorgeous sandy shores are sure to make you want to revisit this country again.



Sri Lanka jungles mainly revolves around rainforests and national parks. Sinharaja Rainforest, Riverston, Knuckles are some of the famous places. These eco-regions are completely contained with endemic animals, birds and plants.

If you’re looking for an amazing and unforgettable trip, look no further country than Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka will offer plenty of activities to keep you engaging, elegant scenery to enjoy, and delicious food to taste.

We hope this piece will help you in planning your dream trip to the island nation. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out and we are happy to assist.