Hill country in Sri Lanka

Hill Country in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka hill country tour is the best way to get to more experience of Sri Lanka’s hill country.  The hill country is located in the middle of the island. A large part of the Centre of the island is occupied by towering hills, which is a result of millions of years of geographical upheavals. The hill country can be considered one of the most attractive regions of Sri Lanka compared to other popular tourist destinations on the island.

The hill country to enjoy the immense natural beauty of Sri Lanka’s highlands in tourism. A large part of hill country in Sri Lanka is covered by tea plantations. An upland train journey is one of the best ways to see the natural beauty of Sri Lanka’s mountains. It passes mountain slopes, forest patches, waterfalls, perineal waterways, and dark tunnels on its arduous journey into the heart of Sri Lanka’s mountainous region.

The weather in the Sri Lankan’s hill country

  • This region offers more distinct weather compared to other parts of the island. The hill region has a temperature climate with an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. Evenings can be quite chilly and after sunset, temperature can drop to -2 Celsius in November and December.
  • Characteristics of the hill country
  • The mountain is hidden in the mist, with rolling tea plantations, gushing waterfalls, and picturesquely situated mountain peaks.
  • The hill country area is up to 2524 meters above mean sea level.
  • Nuwara Eliya is the highest city in the central highland of Sri Lanka

Best things to do hill country in Sri Lanka

  • Hiking
  • Horse riding
  • Waterfall’s abseiling
  • Boating
  • Bird watching
  • Rock climbing
  • Trekking

Best places to visiting hill country in Sri Lanka

  • Gregory lake
  • Peradeniya botanical garden
  • Ravana rock
  • Tea plantation
  • Ella gap
  • Horton plain national park
  • Nuwara Eliya
  • Little Adams peak

Nuwara Eliya is a small town located among the central hills of Sri Lanka, in the Central Province. It is around 160 kilometers away from the capital city of Colombo given its unique climate, atmosphere, and environment. Having an eternal winter-like climate, Nuwara Eliya is also known as ‘Little England’. It is regarded as Sri Lanka’s most significant tea-producing region and is located at an elevation of 1,868 m.

The coolest region in Sri Lanka is Nuwara Eliya, which is recognized for its moderate climate. Nuwara Eliya has a subtropical highland climate with a mean annual temperature of 16 °C (61 °F) because of its highland location. Although there may be frost at night during the winter, the high sun angle during the daytime causes temperatures to rise quickly.

Nuwara eliya Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s natural wonder is a destination that is both fascinating and fascinating. The wonders of Horton Mountain meadows and cloud forests are never to be forgotten. Horton Plains is a charming environment in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. It is located more than 2000 meters above sea level. It lies around 8 km from Ohiya. Its rich biodiversity, rich in endemic species, future enhances the value of this scenic environment. Particularly January to March is the best time to visit Horton Plains. Most days of the year, the Horton plains stay shrouded with clouds and mist. You can reach Horton Plains through Bandarawela or Nuwara Eliya which is about 1 ½ hour drive.

Horton plains

Ella gap

Ella Gap is a magnificent location situated between the mountains of Ella. Its location gives amazing views of the valleys across Ella. It is a picturesque place very popular among foreign and local tourists, especially for photography.

Ravana cave

Ravana cave is a massive creation by King Ravana located in Ella Sri Lanka. This location is around 6 kilometers from Ella railway station. The Ravana cave is positioned 1370 meters above sea level on a rock. it is proved beyond doubt the architectural brilliance of King Ravana. Ravana cave, which is linked to King Ravana of the classic Indian epic Ramayana, is a noteworthy destination In Ella. Ravana Caves is the best Ramayana tour related sites in Sri Lanka.

Ella gap