Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the most ideal destination to explore Ayurveda, yoga, and wellness. Ayurveda is not an emerging concept in Sri Lanka; it is firmly ingrained in the country’s culture and way of life. Ayurvedic medicine is regarded as the world’s oldest healthcare system,originating in ancient India. Customs date back over 5000 years and remain in use today. Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words “ayur” (life) and “Veda” (knowledge). Ayurvedic herbal medicine (plant roots, bark, wood, fresh leaves and extracts, gemstones, and minerals) is an ancient, holistic medical practice. The aim is to prevent illness by utilizing nature’s endless energy. Make time for resting your mind, body, and spirit at an Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka.

Ayurvedic food

Ayurvedic food

Ayurveda, as a natural system of medicine, recognizes that nutrition can enhance overall health and prevent and treat disease. Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle entails making food choices based not just on your Dosha but also on the quality of the food. Ayurvedic nutrition teaches that you are the result of what, when, where, how, and why you consume. The most fundamental element of the Ayurvedic Diet is that your food is fresh, natural, seasonal, and, as much as suitable, local. Ayurveda does not prescribe traditional diets because daily diets are recommended around wholesome food.

Ayurveda prescribes an unique nutritional approach for each individual depending on age, lifestyle, climate, health issues, and, most significantly, body constitution. Fresh fruits, soups, Sri Lankan curries with vegetables, beans, lentils, and green leaf salads are featured in many ayurvedic meals. The majority of meals are vegetarian. In accordance with Ayurvedic principles, not given fish or red meat..

Ayurvedic theory and diseases

Ayurvedic theory and diseases

The three doshas, Vatha, Pitha, and Kapha, may change their proportional balance due to a variety of factors, such as lifestyle, diet, activities, and mental/physical stress. When change takes place in our body, it may take some time before signs and symptoms appear. Sometimes, Karmic diseases may set in beyond the control, due to the theory of cause and effect.

All herbs or minerals possess the following properties according to Ayurveda in Sri Lanka:

  • Rasa – Taste
  • Guna – Quality
  • Virya – Potency
  • Vipaka – Effect after digestion and metabolism
  • Prabhave – Power of the substance

Panchakarma Ayurveda in Sri Lanka


The key objectives of Panchakarma are to eliminate the source of any ailment in the body and to restore the Doshas’ balance.  Panchakarma is made up of five main cleansing treatments:

Vamana: Medically induced vomiting using herbal combinations. This aids in the regulation of Kapha problems.

Virechana: Abdominal evacuation. Toxins are expelled from the small intestine under medical supervision. The basic goal is to balance Pitta imbalances.

Vasti: The medically induced removal of toxins from the colon that modulates Vata diseases.

Nasyam: Expulsion of mucus and ama through the nose in the head and neck region. It is beneficial in the treatment of Kapha imbalances.

Rakta Moshana: The act of shedding blood. Blood cleansing with the use of leeches or by scratching the skin.

Yoga and meditation Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Yoga and meditation

Yoga is an ancient philosophy based on ancient Indian practices. Yoga and meditation can improve general health and well-being, such as physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Yoga can assist increase strength, balance, energy levels, flexibility, and fitness, as well as promote improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and lower disease risks. Meditation can help people maintain their nervous systems, allowing them to sleep better and overall improve their quality of life. Yoga and meditation have been employed in Ayurvedic therapy to assist people to overcome ailments and diseases.

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka massage

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is a wonderful traditional Ayurvedic practice and uses medicinal oils in combination with herbs that are selected. Traditional stroking movements are combined with techniques such as kneading, tapping, and squeezing the muscles throughout the massage.

This is an excellent opportunity to recover the body, which has been weakened by illness, by aiding in the detoxification of the skin and body, improving digestion, and minimizing psychological and physical stress. It increases your blood circulation, balances sebaceous glands, and relaxes muscles.

Best ayurvedic Hotels and Resorts

A number of ayurvedic hotels and resorts most of them located along the west coast, especially around Beruwala and Bentota.

Ayurveda resorts -Ulpotha

Ulpotha Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat is Open 6 months a year for yoga and ayurvedic activities. The resort includes accommodations as well as renowned Ayurvedic doctors and yoga instructors. Ulpotha Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat gives world-class yoga and traditional Ayurvedic healing to guests.

Heritance Ayurveda – Bentota

Heritance Ayurveda is a hotel with the best Ayurveda treatments. The hotel offers a healthy, life-enhancing experience through therapies and it gives total relaxation with attention to the total body and mind.

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort in Wadduwa

The Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort in Wadduwa provides a variety of Ayurvedic treatments and massages. Rasa Bojun Hala restaurant also serves prepared Ayurvedic meals and western foods.

Life Ayurveda Resort – Wadduwa

Life Ayurveda Resort offers traditional ayurvedic treatments. The restaurant serves healthy Ayurvedic vegetarian dishes and herbal beverages to improve your health and wellness.

Villa Velmarie Ayurveda House – Beruwala

Villa Velmarie in Beruwala is the best place that gives traditional Ayurveda treatments with modern comforts.  There is an Ayurveda therapy center, as well as the best yoga lessons.

Kaveri Ayurveda Resort – Sigiriya

kaveri ayurveda resort provides the best Ayurveda treatments in the Sigiriya area. It has a spa and wellness center for tourists and guests.