Nine Arch Bridge in Ella

Nine Arch Bridge in Ella

Sri Lanka is one of the best travel destinations in the tourism industry and simply provides entertainment. from the un-kissed golden beaches to the mist-covered mountains, nature shines in harmony with nature. However, the hills of Sri Lanka are the most important of all as it is a paradise with spectacular green courtyards, adventurous hiking trails, forest lands, tea estates, cascading waterfalls, and many more. Also, compared to other destinations, Ella is a prominent place in the hills of sri lanka that attracts local visitors and foreign visitors. Besides, just hearing the name of the city ‘’ Ella’’ reminds everyone of the ‘’nine arch bridge’’. If you come to visit, don’t forget to visit this beautiful wonder.

History of nine arch bridge in Ella

The Nine Arch Bridge, built during the British Colonial era, was initially intended for military purposes but was later adapted for construction using rocks, bricks, and cement. Today, it spans 91 meters and connects Ella to Demodara station, becoming a popular architectural achievement and a symbol of colonial-era construction.

Nine arch bridge
Nine arch bridge
Nine arch bridge

Where is Nine Arch Bridge

This is the nine-arched bridge in the middle of the hilly area of Ella, a small town in the Badulla district of Uva province. also, it is located at an altitude of about 3500 feet above sea level

Best time to visit the nine arch bridge in Ella

Visit early in the morning for the best pictures at sunrise or sunset, as the light is soft and warm, avoiding crowds. Busier during the day, around 9 AM, can be challenging. However, sunrise is better for perfect pictures due to the sun’s angle.

Nine Arch bridge viewpoint

The Nine Arch Bridge viewpoint offers three points for viewing and taking photos. From tea fields, walking on the bridge rails, or from the viewpoint, follow the path from the parking lot to Asanka Cafe, where you can enjoy drinks and food. From there, enjoy the view or wait for a train to pass.

Other Little Facts About the Nine Arch Bridge In Ella 

  • The bridge is between the two stations of Ella station and Demodara station
  • The Nine Arch Bridge is 91m long, 24m high bridge
  • Tea leaves surround the Nine Arch Bridge

Another attraction near the Nine Arch Bridge

Ravana waterfall

Rawana waterfalls

Ravana Falls, a 3-tier cascading waterfall in Ella, Sri Lanka, is a 25-meter drop from an oval concave rock. It forms a drooping areca flower in the wet season and reduces in size during the dry season. It is easily accessible and worth visiting.

Little Adams peak

Rawana waterfalls

Little Adams Peak is located in the small mountain town of Ella, right in the heart of Sri Lanka and, Little Adam’s Peak is one of the best short hikes in Ella, especially at sunrise or sunset, and it’s not to be missed on your visit to the famed ‘hill country’ of Sri Lanka. Little Adam’s Peak, named after its larger brother, is a short, easy hike in Ella, Sri Lanka, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains in the hill country region.

Ravana cave

Rawana waterfalls

Ravana Cave, located in Ella, is a famous historical landmark containing 82-foot Ravana waterfalls and an old temple. It is situated 1370 meters above sea level on a rock and has a tunnel leading to Ravana Eliya. Legend has it that King Rama of India abducted Queen Sita and took her to Sri Lanka, where she was imprisoned in the caves. The caves provide easy access for King Ravana, and it is believed that they had close relationships. Archaeological research has also proven human occupancy, dating back 250,000 years.