Booking online ticketing in National Parks

Booking online ticketing in National Parks

The online ticketing system has been implemented in several national parks in Sri Lank

About Yala National Park


The most well-known wildlife park in Sri Lanka is Yala National Park. Due to the large number of leopards present, this is the most well-known. Yala National Park is located in the southeast part of Sri Lanka. Five zones make up Yala.

The two zones that are open to the public and tourists are Zone 1 and Zone 5. Yala is a must-see in Sri Lanka because of its diverse flora and fauna and offers a singular experience. The dry season, which lasts from February to June, is the ideal time to visit Yala National Park. Elephants, crocodiles, deer, birds, monkeys, buffaloes, sloth bears, leopards, and many more animals roam in herds. because Yala National Park notably attracts many visitors due to the wide range of wildlife.

About Udawalawe National Park


Udawalawe National Park was created in 1972 to provide a habitat for animals displaced by the construction of the UdaWalawe dame. The huge Udawalawe National Park reserve is situated in Sri Lanka’s southern region. Wild elephants can be found at the Udawalawe national park. The Udawalawe National Park provides a variety of vehicle safari experiences. The cost of a three-hour Udawalawe safari is 3500 Sri Lankan Rupees. You will also be required to pay an admission fee.

Wilpattu National Park


The largest and one of the oldest national parks in Sri Lanka is Wilpattu National Park. In the northwest of Sri Lanka, Wilpattu National Park is located around 32 kilometers north of Puttalam and 35 kilometers west of Anuradhapura. Wilpattu is home to around one hundred and six lakes and tanks. Wilpattu is home to a variety of plant life, such as littoral vegetation like salt grass and low scrub monsoon forest with towering emergents.

Horton Plains National Park


Horton Plains National Park is a national park in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Three significant Sri Lankan rivers—the Mahaweli, Kelani, and Walawe—have their origins on the Horton Plains. At an elevation of 2,100-2,300 m (6,900-7,500 ft), it includes cloud forest as well as montane grassland. It is rich in biodiversity. In Sri Lanka, it is also a popular tourist attraction. Among the top tourist destinations in the Horton Plains National Park are Baker’s Falls and World’s End, a sheer rock.

Minneriya National Park


As National Park in Sri Lanka’s North Central Province is called Minneriya National Park. The area was designated as a national park on 12 August 1997, having been originally declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1938. Minneriya, which has an area of 8,890 hectares, is around 4 hours from Colombo, the nation’s capital. The region receives 1,500–2,000 millimeters of rain on average and is located in Sri Lanka’s dry zone.

Online booking system

Yala National Park

Several National Parks, some of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, can be found in Sri Lanka. The Department of Wildlife Conservation has put in place an online ticketing system to control the flow of visitors and aid in preserving the parks. The easy-to-use online ticketing system for purchasing entrance tickets enables tourists to organize their journey in advance by selecting the park, the date, and the time of their visit.

The adoption of an online ticketing system provides many advantages for both park managers and visitors. With the ability to reserve tickets online and guarantee entrance, it helps manage the flow of people into the parks. Additionally, it cuts down on visitor wait times so they can spend more time enjoying the park.  To guarantee the safety and security of the system, security steps have been adopted.

National parks can allow online group reservations, but complete group information, including drivers, guides, translators, etc., must be entered. Additional fees that must be paid at the park gate may apply if accurate information is not provided. You need to connect with a travel agency in Sri Lanka to make a Jeep reservation; this online ticketing system is solely for entry permits. To minimize last-minute chaos at the entrance gate, it is advised to make the jeep reservation in advance.