Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a top kitesurfing destination with flat water, excellent wind conditions, and numerous kite spots, making it ideal for beginners and advanced riders. It ranks among the best kitesurfing destinations in Asia. Key factors include flatwater in lagoons, steady wind conditions, and rich local culture, making it an ideal destination for both beginners and advanced kite surfers.

Kitesurfing season

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka has two main seasons: the primary season from May to September, ideal for pro riders like Ruben Lenten and Mikali Sol, and the calmer months from December to February. The Donkey Spot offers waves measuring 1.5 to 3 meters, while the lagoon’s flat water and shallow depth make it suitable for beginners.

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka
Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka
Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Best kitesurfing destination – Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya, the windiest Asia destination, offers pristine beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and ideal opportunities for kitesurfing, exploring Sri Lanka’s culture, cuisine, and adventure. In Kalpitiya there are two distinct kite seasons.

  • Summer season which ruins May to October
  • Winter season- from mid-December to mid-march

Ippantivu island

Ippantivu also known as ‘’ Mini – Vella’’, is gaining popularity as the kitesurfing spot in sri lanka. Located 30 minutes by boat from Kalpitiya, this small island with mangroves and only a few fishermen’s cabins offer a serene environment with strong winds and flat water.  Unlike Vella Island, Ippantivu is halfway from Vella Island, making it an ideal destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts.

Vella island

Vella Island, located in front of Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka, is a popular kite spot with its vast sand bars, flat water, and steady wind. It offers an authentic paradise for kitesurfing enthusiasts, but beginners should be prepared for the strong offshore wind. The wind is stronger than in Kalpitiya Lagoon, so smaller kites are recommended. The best time to visit Vella Island is during the summer season when the wind remains steady and consistent.

Kappaladi lagoon

Kappaladi Lagoon is an ideal spot for freestyle and kitesurfing due to its steady wind and perfect conditions. It is ideal for beginners and offers a one-day trip, especially during the summer season, making it an ideal destination for downwind enthusiasts.

Arugam bay

Arugam Bay, situated on Sri Lanka’s east coast, is a popular surfing destination with windy days for kitesurfing. The bay offers nice waves and occasional good wind for kiting. Winds can be strong during August and July, with average speeds of 14-18 knots.

Southern coast

The southern coast of Sri Lanka offers beautiful beaches, tourist opportunities, and kitesurfing from January to April. The wind speed is usually 10-16 knots, with the best beaches being Tangalle, Matara, and Ahangama. During the summer, intense winds from the south can occur but be prepared for rough ocean conditions. The kitesurfing in the south of sri lanka of during the month of December to April.

  • Ahangama
  • Weligama
  • Tangalle

Adam’s bridge (Mannar)

The Adams Bridge, a corridor connecting India and Sri Lanka, offers long beaches and flat water for kitesurfing. Despite its lack of infrastructure, it’s an excellent spot for adventurers seeking a unique Sri Lankan experience

Dream spot

The dream spot is a top kitesurfing location in sri is located 15- 20 minutes from Kalpitiya, this pristine, undeveloped spot offers quiet water and few kiters. The site is the closest to Kalpitiya and has a more consistent wind than Kalpitiya lagoon, making it a unique and sought- after destination.

Donkey point

Donkey Point, located in kandakulya, is a popular kiteboarding spot near a navy camp and easily accessible by car. Despite occasional gusty winds in Kalpitiya Lagoon, the location offers an ideal spot for kiteboarding in the ocean. However, it is not suitable for beginners.